Kirstie also offers yoga classes for children and teens from 2  - 18 yrs, working in schools and nurseries as well as holding regular classes.

Working with children the practice is kept light and fun, but allows them to gain an awareness of themselves, their bodies and minds and to cultivate an understanding of stillness. As well as aiding physical strength and flexibility yoga and mediation helps to increase self confidence, enhances feelings of compassion and coordination and brings a feeling of wellbeing and calm.

Learning these tools at such a young age will greatly serve anyone looking to have a happy, healthy and fulfilled life ahead.

Further benefits of yoga and meditation classes for children:

  • To exercise the body and help physical coordination
  • To help right/left brain coordination
  • To increase self confidence
  • To encourage awareness of spirit
  • To encourage self discipline
  • To have FUN!

Each 60 minute class has a theme, with 40 minutes of yoga and meditation (including asana (body postures), games, singing, chanting, relaxation and meditation)followed by 15 minute of art’s & craft’s, all rounded off with a well earned healthy snack. Mum’s and dad’s are welcome to chill out and drink tea downstairs).